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January 2022

The PERTE plan (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation), developed by the Spanish government, aims to strengthen the health sector under the new wave of COVID-19.

According to the Spanish President of the Government, the PERTE para la Salud de Vanguardia initiative, will involve an investment of more than 1.4 billion euros between 2021 and 2023.

In the context of a new wave of covid, Pedro Sanchez explains that this plan must serve as a central axis and driving force to «consolidate the protection of collective and individual health against any threat, whatever its magnitude, as one of the elements of social and economic recovery».

The Perte is structured around four strategic objectives

– To promote the equitable implementation of personalised precision medicine in the national health system

– To promote the development of advanced therapies and other innovative or emerging medicines and facilitate their transfer to clinical practice.

– To develop an innovative data system that enables the collection, processing, analysis, and exploitation of data from different sources to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health-oriented research

– To support the digital transformation of health care

The PERTE Salud de Vanguardia programme foresees a total investment of over 1,469.3 million euros between 2021 and 2023. This investment will be public-private, with a public sector contribution of 982.4 million euros (67%) and an initial private investment of 486.8 million euros (33%).

There is no doubt that this plan for the health sector will boost investment, encourage business and job creation and attract many foreign companies.